HBAC Function

The HBAC’s Master Plan & timeline

Why the Commission was created

Because the town, village district and multiple state agencies operate within the same geographic area, the Hampton Beach Area Commission’s purpose is to assist the town of Hampton and the state of New Hampshire, its agencies and departments, in the long range planning for the Hampton Beach area by the implementation of the Hampton Beach Master Plan.

The commisssion was established to:

  • Consult and advise the strategies for the Hampton Beach master plan including capital improvements
  • Assist in the promotion, periodic review, and recommendation of updates of the Hampton Beach master plan
  • Assist the town and state in acquiring lands and rights in lands, to ensure a consistent management of the plan
  • Assist the town to develop building and zoning code language and design review guidelines and procedures for the plan area
  • Provide advice and counsel to the state and the town on proposed land use developments and capital projects
  • Consult with Hampton Beach area businesses and residents to promote the plan
  • Report annually to the town’s selectmen, the village district, Governor, Executive Council, Senate President and Speaker of the NH House.
  • To view the enabling legislation that created the HBAC in its entirety, follow this link: https://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/xix/216-j/216-j-mrg.htm

HBAC’s function is to maintain and advise both town and state on recommendations resulting from the original Master Plan and its updates.

 timeline of significant documents and studies that have informed the advisory capacity of the HBAC from its inception to today.

2023: Environment & Coastal Resilience Update to the hbac master plan

Following the Symposium and utilizing the emerging recommendations, work began on the much needed update on the environment and coastal resilience. Click to view PDF:

Coastal Resilience Environmental Update

2022: Pier Study

The HBAC was asked by the state legislature to manage the Pier Study (RSA) which required that a suitable consultant be hired to determine the feasibility and impact of building a pier at Hampton Beach. Click to view PDF:

Feasibility Study Hampton Beach New Pier front cover

2021: Coastal Resilience Symposium

This virtual day-long Coastal Resilience Symposium was held by the HBAC Commissioners and sponsored by the NH DES Coastal Division in anticipation of the need for a related update to the master plan regarding coastal resilience and the beach response and because of a recognition that many groups were conducting many independent activities related to dealing with multiple changes in the environment, sea level rise and coastal resilience.

COASTAL RESILIENCE is defined by the HBAC as:
The development and implementation of a comprehensive, coordinated, and cooperative strategy to address the impacts of climate changes, increased precipitation, sea level rise, and storm surge in order to prevent hazardous events such as hurricanes, coastal storms, and flooding from resulting in long-term community-wide disasters from which recovery would be limited or unlikely. Click to view PDF:

2018: Transportation Update to Master Plan

In 2018 the condition of Route 1A, the main north-south roadway along the beach, was determined to be in need of updating. This stimulated the development of the Transportation Update to the Master Plan. Click to view PDF:

Hampton Beach Area Master Plan - Transportation Update front cover

2008: Hampton Beach redevelopment project summary

The redevelopment of Hampton Beach State Park is an example of strong partnerships between state government, state agencies and community, clients and contractors, and contractors and community.

Click here to view the Project Summary at nhstateparks.org.

2001: Hampton Beach Area Master Plan developed

As soon as the commission was formed, consultants were hired and the HBAC Master Plan was developed. Click to view PDF:

Hampton Beach Area Master Plan front cover

Related Projects by the Town of Hampton and other organizations

Town of Hampton Master Plan

On February 15, 2023, the Planning Board adopted a comprehensive update of the Town of Hampton Master Plan, replacing the previous outdated and unmanageable document. This new Master Plan is the result of over three years of hard work, led by a dedicated Master Plan Steering Committee that guided frequent and extensive public outreach and engagement opportunities throughout the planning process. Click to view PDF:

Hampton Master Plan front cover

Hampton-Seabrook Estuary Management Plan

The Seabrook-Hamptons Estuary Alliance (SHEA) has completed its process of creating an Estuary Management Plan. Similar to a Master Plan, this Management Plan will provide guidance for all three of the towns bordering the estuary (Hampton, Hampton Falls, and Seabrook) on ways to protect and preserve the estuary while still providing for various recreational uses. Click to view PDF:

Hampton-Seabrook Estuary Management Plan front cover

PREP Report - State Of Our Estuaries 2023

The Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership publishes this report every other year. This one is accompanied by two supplimental guides: Residential Guide and Management Guide. Click to view PDF: