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Welcome to the HBAC Website!

Now that you’ve found us, we hope you will make this site a regular stop and review.  HBAC’s  area of representation and responsibility is outlined on this map.

We have recently completed the update to the environmental component of the HBAC Master Plan and our next steps will be making those updates known and utilized by our publics.


We continue to work with New Hampshire’s Department of Transportation as they move forward replacing the Seabrook/Hampton River bridge, construction to begin in 2024.   Improvements to Route 1A currently remain in the engineering phase while construction is scheduled to begin in 2025.



To view the enabling legislation that created the HBAC in its entirety, follow this link: 

Nancy Stiles
Chair, Hampton Beach Area Commission

Hampton Beach Map

Adapted from HBAC Map 2 HBAC Boundary with Aerial Imagery. Click on map to view larger.