Barbara Kravitz

Hbac Commissioner And Master Plan Strategy Subcommittee
Pat Bushway

Commissioner Kravitz is the Rockingham Planning Commission (the RPC) representative to the Hampton Beach Area Commission. A member of the RPC Executive and Nominating Committees, Barbara previously served as Chair of the RPC and is the recipient of the Quinlan Award for Outstanding Community and Regional Planning. Additionally, she represents the RPC on the New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions as well as the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Steering Committee of the Regional Economic Development Center (REDC/CEDS). For nine years she worked as the Administrator of the Seabrook, NH Planning Board.

When a resident of  Massachusetts, Barbara was editor-in-chief of The Newton Times a weekly community newspaper in the city of more than 80,000. Operating her business strategic services consulting firm, she specialized in preparing transaction financing documentation, and was invited to participate in the US Securities and Exchange Commission Government Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation. A  graduate of Brandeis University, she is a Member of the University Board of Fellows. 

Barbara and her family reside in Hampton where she served on the Town’s Comprehensive Master Plan Steering Committee, and currently serves on the Flood Smart Seacoast Steering Committee. As an HBAC Commissioner, Barbara values the unique opportunity to assist in coordinating implementation efforts relating to the 2023 Town of Hampton and HBAC Master Plan Updates.,